Hidden Heroes

Renee Fox Family

Renee Fox Family


My sister-in-law, Sharon, and I write gospel songs together. Last week we received the wonderful news that The Talleys, a progressive southern gospel group, are recording one of our songs—“Hidden Heroes.”  This is a dream come true for Sharon and me. Something we never imagined would happen in the two short years we have been co-writing.  We know it is a door the Lord opened for us and feel humbled and very grateful for His kindness.

People often ask, “Where do you get your ideas for your songs?”

We always reply, “Everyday life.”

We believe there are great songs and books waiting to be written from your everyday circumstances too. “Hidden Heroes” was inspired by one of my new friends—Renee Fox. Renee is a single mother of eight children—six boys and two girls. Her youngest daughter, Molly, is severely handicapped. She is unable to walk and prone to seizures. Renee’s unselfishness is such an inspiration to those of us who watch her faithfully tend to Molly’s needs.  Yes, Renee is one of God’s hidden heroes.

Hidden heroes come in different shapes and sizes. The spouse who is a caregiver to their mate suffering with Alzheimer’s disease is another hidden hero. They take their wedding vows seriously and day after day care for their spouse, even though the mate suffering with Alzheimer’s disease may not remember who they are.

God has many hidden heroes tucked away in every family and community. I would like to honor them today.


Hidden Heroes

A mama sings a lullaby to her child with special needs.

She never mentions sacrifice, but her heavenly Father sees.

Her name may never be in lights on a marquee

But on the streets of Heaven, she’s a celebrity.


Hidden heroes are not hidden from the Father.

Hidden heroes are His special sons and daughters.

He sees them singing in the rain, loving through the pain.

Heaven knows they always bring a smile to His face.

Hidden heroes are never hidden from the Father.


A husband holds the hand of his bride of 50 years.

The doctor’s nod confirms the sickness and his deepest fears.

He renews his wedding vows; in sickness and in health.

Faithfully he cares for her though she thinks he’s someone else.


Blessings in disguise can take us by surprise.

But every angel with a broken wing teaches heroes how to fly.

© 2013 Dixie Phillips and Sharon Phillips

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8 responses

  1. That is a great song and I am so glad to hear that the Talleys are going to record it. They are one of Erin’s favorite groups. Congratulations!

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